Doors & Windows

We carry several styles of replacement mobile home doors windows including energy-efficient steel combination doors and double-pane vinyl windows. Our inventory also includes knobs, locks and other hardware to make installation easier.

K-Rok Skirting

K-Rok skirting looks like real stone, however it's made of durable ABS material that does not scratch, peel, or dent. It is also fire resistant, and stands up to all types of weather, it doesn't rust or corrode, and requires minimal maintenance.

Mobile home skirting is necessary for many reasons; it hides structural elements, protective barrier to help stop pipes from freezing, keeps wild animals from living under your home, retains heat in the winter and makes your home look professionally finished.

Skirting helps maintain the temperature beneath the home and prevents cold winds and extreme temperatures from building underneath which reduces heating and cooling costs.

Mobile Home Windows Doors

We carry exterior doors to interior and also utility access doors. Call Hale's for more information on mobile home doors.


If you're in an older home with original windows, replacing them will add value to your home as well as save on energy costs.


We carry a variety of hardware for your doors, windows, cabinets, storage, patios and much more!


There are several kinds of skirting materials, brick, stucco, tin (metal), cinder block, plywood, hardy board, and vinyl.


Having a permanent foundation means poured concrete footings constructed of solid materials that are below the frost line.


Steps leading to your home need to be high quality and durable, easy to install, as well as pleasing to look at.